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A leaky roof, a broken pipe or overflowing tub can cause water damage to a lot of things in your home; this includes carpeting. It’s devastating to encounter any form of water damage to your property and/or possessions; however, at times like this, one can only stay positive and seek out solutions. To know whether or not your damaged carpets can be restored, your best bet is to call in a professional carpet technician from CarpetKings who will do a thorough assessment of the damage.


Here is a look at some factors that will determine your carpet’s fate and a quick run through of the restoration process for water damaged carpets.

Prolonged Exposure to Water

When it comes to water damage of carpets, the amount of time that the material is exposed to moisture plays a significant role in its chances of being salvaged. Typically, water damage that has occurred over 48 hours before being treated will stand a 50/50 chance of complete restoration. Therefore, it is imperative that quick action is taken when any form of water damage is done to carpeting in order to increase its chances of being saved.

Amount of Water Involved

Has your carpet been submerged in water due to a flood, or soaked up moisture caused by a pipe leak? This is a crucial factor as the amount of water the carpet is exposed to will directly affect the severity of damage done to the material. While it is likely to be less severe if the carpet has been soaked with water as opposed to submerged in it for a prolonged period of time, the need to treat it urgently remains the same.

Water Source

There are many potential causes of water damage to carpeting. The source of the water may be classified as ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’. Some examples of safe water sources include pipe leakages in your primary water supply; overflowing tubs/sinks caused by a running faucet; roof leakages caused by rain; and other sources of whitewater and greywater. On the other hand, carpet damage caused by toilet water, flooded rivers and other sources of blackwater are highly unsafe. In case of water damage to carpeting by unsafe water sources, your carpet will be beyond repair.

NOTE: Greywater can turn into blackwater in a matter of 48 hours; therefore, it’s important that the technician does a thorough examination of your carpets to determine whether it is safe to restore and reuse.


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The restoration process for your carpeting will depend on the severity of damage and amount of time that it has been exposed to water. Each repair, treatment and cleaning process for water damaged carpets is unique in some small or big ways. With that said, there are a few, mandatory steps that a professional carpet company will take to restore carpeting; these are briefly explained below.

The first step is to remove as much water from the carpet as possible. This involves the use of a high-powered vacuum that is made to extract water from carpeting. Depending on how large the area is, this may take up to 1-3 hours.

Humid conditions and wet carpeting result in extra damage to the material while promoting mold and bacteria build-up. To counter this, dehumidifiers and other measures are taken to decrease the humidity in the room.

A carpet that has been submerged in water may take over two days to completely dry up using appropriate equipment. A damp carpet, on the other hand, can be dried up in 12-24 hours. To do this, professionals install high-powered fans that are placed at different angles to cover all sections of the carpet. These fans run at full speed for hours on end until the carpet is dry.

In order to begin the second part of the restoration, i.e., cleaning and treating, a second assessment is necessary. Here the professional will suggest a cleaning process and specific treatment to restore your carpeting to (hopefully) its original condition.

A deep clean will be done to remove dirt, debris, and bacteria. Special equipment and products will be used during this process to ensure that the cleaning is performed in a thorough and effective manner.

Typically, a special treatment is applied to the carpeting to prevent mold and bugs. There are also specific treatments for more complex repairs of undone weaves, tears, etc.

By the end of it all, you can carry on cleaning your newly restored carpets like you typically would or as instructed by your professional CarpetKings carpet cleaner.


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