The Ultimate Carpet Stain Removal Guide

Carpet cleaning method

Have you ever thought that your carpet was beyond salvaging. That it would be better to just have it re-layered then it would be to try and get rid of those stubborn stains. It doesn’t matter the level of staining, most carpet stain removal stays the same.

This article will make carpet stain removal a less tedious task and provides the best practice for keeping your carpets vibrant without hiring the experts.

Get Rid Of The Excess

Father and son cleaning carpet with cloth and brush

Getting to those stubborn stains before they sink into the precious fibers of your carpet is advisable to make stain removal as easy as possible.

Use a damp cloth to gently blot away any excess liquids or solids. Doing this will make sure your spill won’t turn into a permanent stain. Make sure to always blot and never rub, rubbing causes more damage and could lead to your stain staying there.

Delah Gomasi from a Sydney House Cleaning company, states that it’s better to treat the stain with a damp cloth than to rub it into the carpet causing more damage.

Continue blotting out the spillage until your cloth no longer picks up any color, from this you’ll know that there is nothing more you can do to get rid of  the stain without apply a treatment solution.

Apply Treatment Solution

Professional cleaner washing carpet

After you’ve removed all the excess spillage, it’s now time to treat the stain with house hold products to get right down into the fiber of the carpet and the integrity of the stain.

Take care not to dampen the stain by adding too much product. Doing this can damage the backing of the carpet, in turn making it more difficult to get rid of in future. Make sure the product you use is colorfast to avoid changing the color of your carpets.

Using this method is the best way of removing those stubborn stains yourself without having to consult a professional. For more information on the best practice to removing those stubborn stains without consulting the professionals, check out this helpful video by Martha Stewart

Should your carpet stain not be removed by the aforementioned method, we’d love to help. We offer flat pricing, an online booking system and a guarantee. That means if you’re not happy we’ll come back and do it again, still not happy and we’ll refund the total price of your carpet clean, that’s how confident we are in our service.

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders

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