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Why is CarpetKings My Best Choice for Carpet Cleaning?

To explain briefly, however, CarpetKings guarantees the following benefits, all of which help us to edge out our competition on every occasion:

Carpet Cleaners & Cleaning Services in Sydney
  • 100% safe and effective carpet cleaning solutions
  • Certified, experienced and thoroughly vetted carpet technicians
  • Convenient and flexible bookings
  • Great after-service (any complaints or additional service will be entertained promptly)
  • Thorough and painstaking efforts on every occasion
  • All-round carpet care, cleaning solutions and damage restoration
  • Industry leading tools and eco-friendly treatments
  • Bonded and insured carpet technicians
  • Friendly and cooperative office staff
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Stain Treatment
  • Carpet Stain Protection

In the safest and most effective way, CarpetKings tackles all kinds of carpet stains and provides a foolproof stain protection treatment after thoroughly cleaning your carpets. During these carpet care processes, we spend a great deal of time paying minute attention to detail to ensure that the end results outshine the competition!

We are made up of highly qualified and experienced carpet technicians, assuring our customers of a safe and effective carpet service on every occasion. What’s more, we invest in the most powerful cleaning equipment currently used for home and commercial carpet cleaning. Just for your knowledge, all of our machinery complies with safety standards for home use.

Thanks to these quality cleaning tools and the skilled manpower behind them, you are guaranteed of a superior carpet cleaning service with consistently great results!

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How do CarpetKings’ Technicians Clean Carpets?

The cleaning methods and products we use are customised as per the customer’s unique carpet requirements. Two of our more common services include Steam Cleaning (also referred to as Hot Water Extraction) and Fast Dry (known as Very Low Moisture or Encapsulation Cleaning). Our technicians excel in performing these cleaning processes, both of which reveal some very stunning results! Here’s a quick look at how they are carried out:

First, we will prepare the carpet by carrying out standard cleaning measures such as vacuuming and applying a cleaning solution that will help to loosen soil and debris in the fibres. This is then rinsed out with clean water to remove dirt and any soapiness left by the cleaning solution. Again, the way in which the extraction is carried out, along with the tools used, will depend on your carpet’s unique needs, its fibre construction and present condition. After the steam cleaning is complete, you can expect your carpet to dry up in 4 – 6 hours. At this point, it’s advisable to increase ventilation in the room by opening windows and running ceiling fans at high speed. Once the carpet has dried up completely, you will be pleasantly surprised with its renewed vibrancy and fullness!

In this method, we will pre-vacuum the carpet thoroughly before using a special spray to begin the Encapsulation process. The fibres will also be agitated in a safe manner to help loosen and remove dirt and debris settled within the weave. When the fibres are quick-dried, any soil present is crystalised or encapsulated and then vacuumed. Owing to the agitation process and final steps to crystalise and remove soil, you are left with fluffier fibres that present a new, vibrant appearance! Moreover, it takes less than an hour for the carpet to dry up, making it a rather quick process with great results!

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What is a Suitable Method for My Carpets?

This will depend on the age, present condition and level of soiling of your carpets
CarpetKings offers a professional rug cleaning service that goes beyond the basics! You can count on our trusted services for all household upholstery cleaning, 6 days a week. What’s more, we carry out the entire cleaning process under your supervision to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with our work from beginning to end. In addition to cleaning carpets, area rugs and other home upholstery, we professionally clean mattresses to disinfect and rid them of dust mites and bed bugs completely. Check out what we include in our professional mattress cleaning service.
Our technicians are well-versed in water damaged carpet restoration and other flood-related carpet care needs. This includes removing and cleaning mould or mildew from carpets and any stains or dullness left by dirty water. We will do a thorough assessment of the damage before explaining to you what the best solutions are for your carpets. By weighing out the pros and cons, we can come to an informed decision with your consent.


What About Bad Odours?

Without the use of harsh chemicals or strong fragrances, CarpetKings will safely remove any bad carpet odours caused by pet mess, mould, water damage and other foul-smelling carpet problems. We guarantee to leave your carpets and home smelling fresh and pleasant after we are done with our job!
Can I Restore the Original Stain Resistant Properties of My Carpet?

Owing to the use of Premium Carpet Protectors, you can rest assured that your carpet’s resistance will be renewed! Our products and techniques provide resistance to oil, dry soils and deep staining. We also offer a free demonstration of the product to help you make your decision before going forward with the treatment.