We are Profssional


Leave your dirty rugs right where they are because CarpetKings is right around the corner! For a professional rug cleaning that goes beyond the basics, you can always count on our trusted services, 6 days a week! What’s more, we carry out the entire cleaning process under your supervision to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with our work from beginning to end.
With 100eco-friendly cleaning products, high-quality equipment and certified carpet technicians, you can rest assured that your precious area rugs are in good hands! Regardless of the type and condition of your rug, we are huge on customer service and therefore, guarantee a professional rug cleaning like never before!


We offer specialised services for unique rug cleaning needs making us your all-round, go-to service for professional rug and carpet cleaning! To experience the wondrous workings of CarpetKings, call us up or click here for a quick and seamless booking today.

We are Experts


After you’ve booked a professional rug cleaning with CarpetKings, you can sit back and expect our expert carpet technician to arrive right on time. Depending on the condition of your area rug, a customised rug cleaning may be in order. A standard deep clean, on the other hand, will include the following steps


Upon inspecting the rug, our expert technician will inform you of any unusual findings or damage and give you a run-through of the cleaning process to be taken (as per the fibre construction, condition of the rug, etc).

Removal of Dust/Debris

Depending on the type of area rug, a suitable vacuum head and suction speed will be used to safely and efficiently remove dust and debris from both sides of the rug. This is done with a professional vacuum cleaner intended for commercial use.


Gentle brushing and pile-fluffing will be done to give your rug a more luxurious look and feel.

Dry Shampooing/Steam Cleaning

Depending on your rug’s unique cleaning requirements, dry shampooing and/or steam cleaning of the rug will be done. Our carpet technicians will also take measures to keep your floors or surrounding areas mess-free.


There are various methods to dry different types of area rugs; a suitable option will be picked based on the fibres and construction of your rug.

Spot Cleaning

Any stains or dull spots will be treated using one of our highly effective green cleaning products. A standard test for colour fastness will be carried out before spot cleaning the rug.

To complete CarpetKings’ professional rug cleaning process, a final inspection will be done while walking you through the results of your freshly cleaned rug! What’s more, if you have any additional requirements or are unsatisfied with the results, we vow to rectify it in a timely manner! Yes, it’s all part of our 200% customer satisfaction guarantee!