he ill-effects of sleeping on a dirty mattress cannot be ignored! Nor can they be avoided by simply covering the mattress with a fresh bed sheet. Dust mites, bed bugs and body oils are just a few mattress pollutants that can lead to rashes, skin problems and even severe illnesses. So, if you haven’t had your mattresses cleaned in a long time (or ever), stop what you’re doing and call CarpetKings today!

We offer customers a thorough, professional deep clean of mattresses – all types and sizes – with a 200% guaranteed service! Our cleaning methods and treatments are 100% safe and eco-friendly, leaving you with a mattress that is clean, sanitary and free of chemicals or harsh cleaning products.

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Our cleaning team is highly qualified and experienced in cleaning carpets, rugs, upholstery and of course, mattresses. Their extensive knowledge in cleaning different types of outer and inner materials is one of the few things that separate CarpetKings from the rest. So, if you’re looking to clean and sanitise your mattresses as soon as possible, book now or call us today!

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When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting mattresses, CarpetKings leave nothing to chance. We go above and beyond to ensure that bed bugs and dust mites are thoroughly eliminated while cleaning every inch of the mattress, inside and outside! Regardless of what your mattress cleaning needs are, you can rest assured that CarpetKings will give it their all and provide nothing less than satisfactory results! We offer regular mattress cleaning services for those who require our technicians once a month or half-yearly. To give you a better understanding of what to expect with a professional mattress cleaning from CarpetKings, here is a brief look at our time-tested cleaning process:


Air drying in direct or indirect sunlight is typically advised (inside the house) to help remove any fragrances left by the cleaners. However, if customers are in a hurry, a blower will be used to dry the mattress quickly.


This is done to help the treatment penetrate the outer material and spread through the stuffing for a deep and thorough mattress cleaning.


The vacuum settings and upholstery head(s) used will depend on the type of stuffing and outer material of your mattress, as well as the construction. Every inch of the mattress is vacuumed thoroughly to ensure safe and efficient removal of dust, debris, bed bugs, etc.

Surface Cleaning

The outer material of the mattress will be cleaned with gentle cleaning products and tools. Any surface stains will be spot cleaned and removed at this time.

Special Cleaning Treatments

For the rest of the mattress, a special (chemical-free) treatment will be applied to kill bacteria and any bed bugs that are hiding in the stuffing, fabric and upholstery. Our quality professional mattress cleaning services aim to provide our customer's with the best night's sleep they've had in years.

At CarpetKings, we go one step further to give customers a 200% guaranteed service by offering to come back and redo the job if there are any flaws in our work!


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Carpet Cleaning

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$ 69
  • For the first room
  • $45 per additional room

Tile Cleaning

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$ 0.85
  • Per square feet
  • (Free on site Estimate)

Upholstery Cleaning

starting at
$ 130
  • Regular size couch
  • (Free on site Estimate)

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Frequently Asked Questions

We generally charge on a case by case basis. However, our standardized pricing is based on the general size of the mattress.

King size mattress: A king-size mattress steam clean will cost $279.

Queen size mattress: The steam cleaning of a queen size mattress is $239.

Double mattress: For the steam cleaning of a double mattress we charge $189

Single mattress: To steam clean a single mattress is $119.

All of our mattress cleaning services come with a money-back, satisfaction guarantee. If we are unable to clean your mattress to a high standard and don’t feel as though we are able to commit to extensive stain removal, we won’t start the job.

Yes, at CarpetKings we offer only the most extensive professional mattress steam cleaning services. We’ve been able to restore mattresses that haven’t been cleaned in years to like new.

Our service aims to rid your mattresses of deep-seated stains, contaminants, allergens, odours and dust mites to have your mattress looking, feeling and smelling brand new.

You’ll be able to sleep on your clean mattress the same night. Book your good night’s sleep today!

Our professional mattress cleaners will assess your mattress on arrival to see if our treatment method will be able to successfully remove mould from the fabric of your mattress.

Yes, we guarantee stain removal upon inspection, we will let you know if we are able to successfully remove stains and built-up dirt from your mattress.

Steam cleaning your mattress is imperative for great health and a good night’s sleep. You wouldn’t want to sleep in a dirty place, so why sleep on a dirty mattress. You spend a large portion of your time sleeping, so it’s important to make sure you’re sleeping on a clean mattress.