How to Vacuum Your Carpet for Best Results 101

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It seems simple enough; plug it in, turn it on, move it around and voila! Your carpet has been vacuumed clean! Has it, though?

The truth about vacuuming is that there is a lot more to it than just manoeuvring the hose over your carpet. For best results, it starts with having the right vacuum cleaner and knowing how to use it efficiently! With that said, here’s a fool proof guide to vacuuming carpets to perfection!

Choose the Right Vacuum!

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Vacuum cleaners are built differently and come with varying levels of suction power. Now, for cleaning other types of non-carpet flooring, a reduced suction power can be used as dust and dirt particles rest on the surface. Carpeting, on the other hand, has dirt trapped deep in the weaves which requires more suction power to remove. So, from the get-go, it pays to have a vacuum cleaner with high motorised suction to clean your carpets more efficiently and effortlessly.

The Carpet/Upholstery Attachment is a Must

Woman cleaning carpet living room using vacuum cleaner

Using the wrong attachment head on your carpet can cause irreparable damage to the fibres or, at the very least, not do a very good job at cleaning it. Upholstery/carpet attachments exist for a reason! They are made specifically to loosen embedded dirt and suck them right up! Typically, a carpet attachment has a flat head with bristles lining the underneath. Double-check the user manual to make sure that you’re using the right attachments for your carpets. Dust, dirt and pet hair may get entangled in the bristles as you go about vacuuming so be sure to clean it from time to time using an old comb or cleaning brush.

Beater Brush or No Beater Brush?

Woman protective glove cleaning carpet with brush

Many carpet/upholstery heads have a beater brush (which rotates to facilitate in loosening debris); however, this feature is not suited for carpets with long fibres or delicate fibres like wool or Berber. For cut-pile carpets, on the other hand, the beater brush does an excellent job at moving around fibres for a thorough clean. Some of these attachments also have adjustable heights to ensure safe and damage-free vacuuming of carpets (refer to the user manual for more information on your particular model).

Adequate Vacuuming Space

Home cleaning vacuuming carpet space

It’s difficult, time-consuming and tiring to even think about vacuuming a carpet with too many obstacles in your manoeuvering path! However, if you choose to go through the struggle each time you vacuum your carpets, you should also know that this leads to ineffective results. What’s worse, if you don’t bother to move things around, you risk vacuuming up small objects that aren’t in plain sight (this could damage the appliance in some cases). Therefore, it’s advisable to push light furniture out of the way to create enough space wherein your movement isn’t restricted when vacuuming. This also allows you to vacuum up dust that collects around the legs or bottom edges of furniture.

Manoeuvring Techniques

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The way you move the vacuum head around your carpet plays a huge role in the end result. For best results, you need to vacuum over an area multiple times using different angles. Vertical, diagonal and even horizontal manoeuvring over an area of your carpet will ensure that dirt and debris is removed between the fibres as opposed to vacuuming in one direction. The speed in which you move the vacuum cleaner also matters; the slower you move, the more effective it is! While we understand the importance of quick household cleaning in today’s fast-spaced lifestyles, remember that satisfactory results demand a little extra time and effort!

Don’t Miss a Spot!

Modern vacuum cleaning corners carpet

To ensure that you don’t miss a spot when vacuuming your carpets, start from one corner of the room and move horizontally to the other (using the suggested manoeuvring techniques above). As you finish vacuuming one section (from side to side), start with the next one by just about overlapping the top one. This ensures that you don’t miss a spot, leaving you with a thoroughly vacuumed carpet!

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming your carpet daily or at least 3-4 times a week will not only maintain is lively appearance, but also make it easier to clean. The longer you allow household members to walk all over a carpet, the deeper the dirt tends to settle between the weaves. Let’s not forget about the allergens that collect among the fibres either! Those sneezing and coughing fits could very well be owed to your dusty carpeting!

To recap, achieving satisfactory results when vacuuming your carpets means:

  • Having the right type of vacuum cleaner
  • Using suitable head attachments
  • Proper techniques
  • Frequent vacuuming
Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders

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