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Housekeepers are a necessity. With the growth of the middle class, coupled with an ever-growing living standard throughout the world.

Housekeepers are making a come back in the developing and developed world. Housekeepers are essential to most households, they not only help with the common household duties and keeping your homes tidy and organised, they’re also able to help with child rearing and managing the workload.

In this article, we’ll point out five key factors that one should consider when selecting a housekeeper.

Starting off with number one, you should always shop around for the best quote.

Like most other goods and services, you get what you pay for. Just like a cheap shoe is not made to last more than four months. A cheap housekeeper is more than likely not vetted, not insured and does not provide the best quality.

A good rate of remuneration is absolutely necessary to obtaining quality that is good enough for your family and pets. There are numerous reports of housekeepers bludgeoning their employers to death.

To be able to make sure you can find the most awesome housekeeper, offer more than a living wage and those potential housekeepers you come in contact with will be of an excellent quality.

Moving onto our second tip on how to find the best housekeeper. Ask any potential housekeeper you come in contact with for a referral.

Word of mouth is the oldest form of marketing, in my opinion, it’s also the most effective. When you receive the referral, give that person a call. Have a checklist of thorough questions you want to get through to make sure that you’re able to personally vet the potential candidate.

Good questions are the hows, whats and why, “how long did you work for your previous employer”, “why did you leave your former  employer” “what food are you capable of cooking for our family on a daily basis” “what type of remuneration would be suitable for you”.

In doing this, you already  have assurance through word of mouth that this particular potential candidate is a diamond in the rough, with further probing and questioning, you should just about have your perfect housekeeper.

Our third and final tip involves coming up with a checklist and checking it twice.

Like Santa Clause, you need a checklist and you need to check it twice. Make sure you have an exact candidate in mind, what makes you want that candidate and the qualities they’d need to show for you to consider them an awesome housekeeper.

Let your potential housekeeper know why you’re hiring a permanent house help and what you expect of them to make this transition as easy as possible.

Once you’ve vetted the candidates, you’ll either have a very long or very short, shortlist. In this case, you’d need to call all your candidates and siphon off in accordance with their price.

For everything else, there are professional housekeepers but they can be quite a bit dearer.

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders is the content marketing manager at PaintMates. With extensive experience in the home and garden space. Karen researches and writes about home improvement.

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