How To Clean Your Apartment? – The Most Efficient Way

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To get the best results for your carpet steam cleaning, we always recommend doing it after cleaning your apartment.

The article below outlines the most efficient way to clean your home if you plan on using our carpet cleaning services.

For most people, apartment cleaning isn’t really a fun thing to do, no matter how boring and time-consuming it may sound, but it is the only way to get things around your apartment, back into shape, looking like they did when you first moved in.

It does take up a lot of your time, but at the end when you take a final look, it all seems worth it.

After a long and hectic day at your office or workplace, the last thing you want is your apartment to look all dirty and messed up. Then there are always some guests coming to visit you unexpectedly, leaving you with limited time for the process of cleaning and making everything ready before their arrival.


At first, it seems as though the job won’t be that difficult but once you start with the cleaning, it does tend to get a bit hard.

You have to keep calm, focused and just go with the flow. In order to save oneself from all the hassle, some people prefer hiring professional cleaning staff to get the job done, but that often comes with a hefty price, and not everyone is able to afford it.

Therefore, this article will lay out for you some tips and tricks which you can adopt in your daily life, and they will surely come in handy whenever you are planning on cleaning your apartment, without having to deal with any drama.


Before Starting The Clean Take A Picture Of Your House:

Rolled up carpet boxes

Start fresh, before starting off with the cleaning process right away, take a moment and snap some pictures of your place for a little before and after review. After you have done that, take a good look at those pictures and just see if there is anything which seems eye-catching to you; in a bad way obviously, see if there is something completely out of place.

What happens is that sometimes you put your things here and there without noticing them for weeks, but this picture will help you by bringing them into focus.


Cleaning the Apartment :

Professional cleaner with tools detergents going to clean in apartment 

Each and every room and place in the apartment needs to be cleaned. Here is how you can do this in minimal time:

Living Rooms

Woman cleaning ceiling with mop

⦁ Start the cleaning process from the living room and follow the instructions given below:
⦁ First, look for things which do not belong in this room and just start putting them in a basket, this way you will not have to run from one room to another in order to put the things in their right places, you can do that later.
⦁ After that, your next big focus should be your couch, so all you need to do is dust of food crumbs, and if you have pets, then you’ll need to brush away their hair from the cushions as well.
⦁ Clean all the tables in the room and put the objects back on top of them. Don’t forget to clean on the bottom your objects and under the table as well.
⦁ You don’t need to stack your table with a collection of old magazines; they can be put in cartons, this will giive your place a more fresh look. Keep the older issues on the bottom of the pile.


Portrait woman maid making bed

⦁ Next move to the bedroom, the key to cleaning it quickly lies in understanding where to start first.
⦁ Bedrooms are often full of clothes lying here and there, especially when you are getting ready in a hurry. Therefore collect all the clothes and place them in a hamper. You can sort the clothes out afterwards when it’s time to do your laundry.
⦁ Hang the clean clothes in the cupboard where they’re supposed to be.
⦁ Collect all trash to be immediately thrown in the bin.
⦁ Clean your bed, change the sheets and fluff your pillows and duvet according to your style and comfort.
⦁ At the end finish the room off with a heavy vacuum of all areas. You’re nearly done, by this point, you’re probably tired but soldier on you’ll be done before you know it!


Cleaning bathroom using rag detergent

⦁ It’s true, cleaning the bathroom can sometimes be a bit disgusting, but what needs to be done, needs to be done.
⦁ You can start by picking up the dirty laundry and placing it in the same basket you used for your dirty clothes.
⦁ All the trash needs to be thrown away, including old bottles of shampoo, toothpaste, razors, wrappers and other unsanitary items.
⦁ Set the counter free from everything for a while, and spray all your hard services with disinfectant, that includes your mirror, sink, and tub.
⦁ Be sure to use separate liquids and brush for the toilet, don’t mix them up.
⦁ Clean the inside of the toilet seat with a brush and use a spray for the outer part.
⦁ Put all the supplies back in their places. Place all the things back on the counter, and  even sort through them and see what is important enough to be kept, and what’s not in use anymore.
⦁ The last thing you need to do in the bathroom is mop.


Woman wearing rubber protective gloves cleaning kitchen

⦁ Repeat the process of putting all the extra items in a container, just like you did in the other rooms. Sort them out at the end.
⦁ Place the dirty dishes in the sink and wash them, either by hand or use a dishwasher, whatever seems more comfortable for you.
⦁ If the food remains on the plates are very stubborn, all you need to do is fill up your sink with warm water and some liquid soap and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. This will help soften up the grease which allows for much easier removal.
⦁ Meanwhile, you can focus on other things around the kitchen which need cleaning.  Cleaning the counter-tops is one hell of a job, all the vegetable peels, leftovers, dirty plates, stains of ketchup, etc. but, all this has to be done.

⦁ Once you are done with washing the dishes, soak all the excess water off the counter tops, run a dry cloth over everything to make sure your kitchen bench-tops are dry.

⦁ Mop around the kitchen to finish it off.
Taking out the trash:
Woman cleaning garbage
In the process of cleaning your apartment, rubbish bins play a very important role and can certainly help you along the way. They are the most full on house cleaning days. Even if you have just taken the garbage outside the night before, you’ll have to do it today as well, especially due to all the emptying of built up rubbish.
The kitchen rubbish tends to smell the most because of the food items, banana peels, vegetable peels.
Gather all the trash you’ve accumulated during your big clean up. Once you’ve done that, carry it outside the house and place new bags in your wheelie bins.
You’ve now finished, the last thing you want to do is to light a candle or incense.
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