How To Clean Different Types Of Flooring

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Although it may sometimes look so, there’s no real need to try hard and break all the brushes while you’re attempting to clean your indoor or outdoor flooring.

Regardless of which materials they are made of, there are some general rules and instructions on how to easily, quickly and correctly clean each type of floor.


Laminated flooring cleaning    

The good news is that very few things will damage this kind of floor. In the end, it is made of materials resistant to sun and light and can maintain good appearance (as if it were new) for many years. However, you need to keep in mind that you mustn’t allow water to penetrate underneath.  Always clean it with wet mops which you dip into the water previously adding a few drops of mild liquid detergent or even baby shampoo.

Do not polish the laminate ever. If it looks ruined, it’s better to replace its entire board.

We advise you to think about using white vinegar diluted with water as one of the possibilities for cleaning your laminate floor.

It is a very known natural cleaner and especially useful when your laminate floor has caked-on mud or other stains.

Marble, Slate and Other Stone Materials

Marble cleaning method

Various natural stones and rocks are used for making the floors in houses and outdoors. Usually, it is a marble, slate, granite, limestone, terrazzo stone, travertine material and so on.

All these materials are generally very resistant to different weather conditions, such as light, heat, and water, but most of them are not resistant at all to acid (from Coca-Cola, fruit juices, and vinegar) and strong alkalis. If you have a floor made of natural stone, avoid using vinegar, ammonia, and bleach to clean it, because it can really damage the surface, even in smaller amounts. Instead, wash this type of floor with a pH-neutral detergent and a microfiber mop. 

This way, you are guaranteed that there will be no unwanted reaction with the natural materials that it is consisted of.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic floor cleaning method

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are very much popular design element in many modern homes today. They can vary in size, style, colour, and prices, but almost all of them are very easy for cleaning and maintaining. Whether you are using them for floors or walls, or interior and exterior surfaces, those can be easily cleaned if you follow some basic procedures for their preservation.  The ceramic and porcelain tiles presented on the market are divided into two forms: non-glazed and glazed. Unglazed ones usually require much more cleaning, primarily because of their texture and the conditions they are exposed to.

All tiles can and should be routinely cleaned with plenty of water. By washing the tiles every day only with water, drying them with a simple sponge or a cloth you will eliminate rooted and layered dirt, mould and stones that accumulate on them.

When rubbing the tiles, never use rough abrasives because all of these liquids can damage the surface of the tile. For a strong dirtiness that can’t be washed with the mild detergent, make a solution of chlorine bleach and water to completely remove the dirt and make sure that the area where you are working is properly ventilated.  Don’t forget to protect your hands with rubber gloves.


Vinly tiles cleaning method 

Keep out the dirt and chemicals with the help of the outdoor and indoor mats if you want to defend them from the two biggest enemies of vinyl floors.

The gravel from shoes acts like sandpaper and removes protective finishes from your floor.

So the best solution is to get rid of all the dirt before entering your house and then your vinyl floor will last much longer. Clean it regularly.

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of quickly rubbing with a soft broom or vacuum cleaner or to use a mop soaked in not too much hot water. Use the right cleaning agents.

If your vinyl floor is not waxed, keep it spotless with a special cleaning agent and follow the instructions for preparation. If you have an old vinyl model that is waxed, wash it with lukewarm water and detergent.

Soak the mops in this mix and rub the floor until the dirt is removed. Try not to remove wax when rubbing, because you will need to apply it again. Rinse the floor with clean and cold water, but don’t exaggerate with water amount.  Once it enters, it can destroy the adhesive that holds the vinyl sticky.  


Professional cleaning hardwood flooring

You need to provide good care for your floor made of any type of wood and clean it properly. In the case of expelled water or some other liquid, you must immediately wipe it. Stains of coffee, red wine or ketchup should also be instantly washed up because they are going to leave lasting effects on its surface.
Use cleaners with a soft brush attachment, soft broom or cloth (without microfiber) to clean the rough impurities such as sand, gravel, and mud. If these floors are very dirty and you need to wash them manually, never use wet mops from which water is dropping, as the wood can be seriously damaged.

There are two types of hardwood floorings: lacquered and oiled. Always use cleaning agents that are specially designed for these materials and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Periodically (preferably once a month) make sure to protect them with corresponding maintenance products. Apply them with a dry cloth and let them be absorbed for a few minutes. Then wipe it in the direction of wooden fibers (never use wet cloths as you will remove the protective layer that has been formed above).

Today people don’t eat on the floors, as the ancient Romans did once. However, taking good care of their hygiene is still a very important thing in our lives both for healthy and aesthetic reasons. Always read the packaging instructions and never try to clean your floors forcefully, these are the two most significant tips that we can give you.

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders

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