How To Clean A Leather Sofa

Leather Sofa

A leather sofa adds a touch of class and elegance to an office or home. Renowned for its luxurious finish and durability, a leather couch is an investment that never goes out of fashion.

For all its positive attributes, a leather couch has one downside. It gets filthy very fast from stains, daily grime to spots.   Left unattended, these spills and stains can ruin the entire appearance of your luxurious sofa.

To clean the couch correctly you have two options. One, you can let a professional do the cleaning for you. Alternatively, you can do it yourself by following these sofa cleaning steps.

How To Remove Debris From A Leather Sofa

Sofa chemical cleaning with professional method

1.  Using A Vacuum Use the hand tool of your vacuum to remove large debris on the couch. Your focus should be around the folds and creases.

2.  UsingThe Brush Attachment Of A Vacuum Fix the vacuum’s brush tool to the hand tool. Then move the brush tool on the fabric of your sofa. The brush bristles cannot scratch the surface of your sofa because they are soft.

3.  Dust Your Couch Use either a microfiber duster or feather to gently dust the surface of the couch. However, ensure you remove all the debris from the couch before further cleaning. Failure to do so, the debris will scratch your couch.

 How To Regularly And Quickly Clean A Leather Sofa

Mid section wiping leather soda with polish spray and paper towel

You will need: White vinegar 2 clean cloths Water (distilled is best)

How to clean:

1.  First, mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a bowl.  We recommend you use distilled and room temperature water. Tap water is not best as it contains chemicals that might harm your leather.

2.  Dip one of the clean cloths into the mixture For the second step, you should dip a clean towel into the mixture (no. 1). However, ensure you thoroughly wring the towel out before cleaning the sofa. This is because excess liquid can seriously damage the leather fabric.

3.  Use the damp cloth to wipe the couch Begin at the top part of the couch and work your way down. Be gentle when scrubbing the leather. The best way to do this is to work in small segments. After several strokes, ensure you rinse the cloth in the mixture and wring it out.

4.  Use a dry and clean rag to wipe the couch After wiping the entire couch using the mixture, you should use the other dry and clean cloth to wipe it. You should not use anything hot to dry your sofa. Items like a hairdryer can cause wrinkles and dehydrate the couch.

How To Remove Stains On A Leather Sofa

Steaming leather sofa

Leather furniture might be good at tackling liquid stains. However, deep marks like those from grease and ink are always the most challenging to clean. Fortunately, there are simple ways you can use to remove unsightly marks from your leather couch.

To erase ink stains from a leather couch, you will need:    A clean cloth   Cotton ball   Damp cloth   Rubbing alcohol .

How to clean:

Using alcohol for sofa leather cleaning1.  Making sure you don’t soak it, dip one cotton ball into the rubbing alcohol.

2.  Slowly rub the damp cotton ball onto the ink stain. Let it sit till you see the ink start to come out of the fabric.

3.  After removing all the ink stain, deep the clean cloth into clean water and wipe out any residue. Ensure you squeeze excess water in such a way that the cloth is damp and not wet.  How To Remove Grease From Leather You will need:    A clean cloth   Corn starch or baking soda  How to clean:

1.  Sprinkle some corn starch (or baking soda) directly on the grease stain  The most suitable way to erase grease stains from leather is to slowly wipe it as soon as it spills on the sofa. But if you forget or don’t even notice the spill, you can still clean it.   All you have to do is to sprinkle some corn starch or baking soda directly on the grease stain.

2.  Leave the powder for a few hours  Allow the corn starch powder rest on the stain at least for a few hours (or the entire night). In doing so, you will give the powder time to suck in the grease. Later, use the clean cloth to slowly brush away the grease-powder mixture.

Top tip: At times, you might not have either the baking soda or corn starch when the stain spills. In such a case, you should never use washing liquid. This is because some liquids can cause wrinkles and cracks on your leather couch.

How To Condition Your Leather Sofa

Preliminary cleaning sofa with dry cleaning

At this stage, you now have a lovely and clean leather couch.

The next step is to use a home-made conditioning treatment to give your sofa some shine. To do so, you will need:

1. Clean towel

2. White vinegar

3. Tea-tree oil or lemon tea

Follow these steps:

1.  Put 2 cups white vinegar in a container and add 10 drops on tea-tree oil.

2. Dip the cloth towel in the mixture, squeeze excess fluid and slowly rub into the sofa. Do so in circular motions.

3.  Give the leather sofa dry at least 24 hours to dry. Once dry, your sofa will have a great shine, just as how you bought it.

Conditioning your leather sofa helps in avoiding cracks and wrinkles. Apart from this home-made remedy, you can find some leather moisturizers in the market. You should buy a moisturizer depending on your leather type.

Then, use a clean towel to apply the moisturizer on the couch. But be careful here. Best you test a small section first. Using the wrong product on colored leather can darken its color.

Top-Tip: Repeat this conditioning procedure at least after 6 to 12 months.

Dry cleaning removing dirt from sofa

In doing so, your sofa will always look tip-top.

If you follow these tips to clean your sofa yet the stain refuses to go, leave it. Do not try to scrub as you might cause more harm than good. Also if you are not certain how to deal with such a stubborn stain, perhaps you should call an upholstery cleaner in Sydney.

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