How Often Should A Homeowner Replace Their Carpet

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While your carpet doesn’t really have an expiration date, how long it ultimately lasts depends on a wide array of factors that include usage, padding, as well as quality, of course.

For instance, it is no brainer that a carpet covering a frequently used hallway may need replacement more often in comparison to one placed in a bedroom where only a few individuals walk through it on a limited number of times in a day on average.

Undoubtedly though, several signs may indicate that it might about that time you replaced your floor covering.

Warping, stretching, threadbare areas or stains and or odors that won’t just go away no matter how hard or often you clean your carpet are all clues that it might just be the time to replace your old carpet.

While carpets can last from between five to about fifteen years, many homeowners choose to replace their carpets as soon as the problems become evident.

At CarpetKings, we can assist you in identifying these problems and help you determine when to swap your carpet with a new one.


Staining carpet

Have you noticed several stains on your carpet especially those types of stains that standard carpet cleaning doesn’t seem to alleviate entirely? If so, then it may be about time you replaced your carpet.

Of course, if your stain remover is adequate for wiping off the stains, you might just keep using the carpet for some more time.

Nevertheless, even with stain-resistant carpets, the treatment ultimately fades, and staining becomes inevitable.

Stains as a result of pet urine, vomit, mildew, feces, as well as mold can ordinarily get wiped off easy but only if you clean quickly.

However, these stains can absorb deep into the padding subsequently leading to mildew under your carpet.

If you find that these stains are gradually adding up, it might just be that time you replaced your carpet to avoid any health concerns.

Age Matters:

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While it may not be necessary to replace your carpet just because its old, modern carpets have an average lifespan of between 5 and 15 years, although it still dependents on the carpet’s construction quality not to mention the average amount of foot traffic it gets on a regular.

In essence, a carpet placed in a rarely-used or spare bedroom will of course last longer than a similar carpet but which is set in the central hallway in your house primarily because it is rarely trodden on.

Nonetheless, even in a spare or seldom-used room, the carpet padding may eventually deteriorate over time, mainly if the carpet is of low quality. Once the carpet padding deteriorates, your carpet may feel lumpy or even feel less comfortable underfoot, and it might wear out quicker.


Close up woman rolling mat carpet

Contorted Carpets and Flattened Fibers:

Although it depends on your carpet’s material, you may spot that it eventually develops matting.

If the pile of your carpet once stood tall, but it now appears matted and flat in some sections notwithstanding how hard you work to correct the situation, then the carpet is undoubtedly past its prime.

Olefin and Polyester fibers are susceptible to matting particularly in the sections where people walk on it the most.

Similarly, Berber carpeting which is designed from looped fibers may also succumb to matting eventually.

If you have already combed, cleaned, and subsequently done everything you could to fluff back your old carpet but none of your approaches seem to work, it’s about time you replaced your carpet.

A carpet which appears stretched way beyond its initial shape, creating warps, ripples, not to mention tripping points across the room, is unfortunately also due for replacement.


Professional cleaning mold carpet

Biological substances may result in bacteria building up under your carpet. If this is a persistent problem for you, then its time you did a carpet replacement.

Conditions such as a flood not to mention other situations which cause stagnant water can also cause mold buildup under your carpet.

Such can be a common occurrence in basements since the environment there is damper than usual.

As a remedy, you can get proactive and decide to replace before the mold goes further. What’s more, you can also buy a mold test kit which will allow you to monitor mold levels in the carpet and then decide.


Woman protective gloves is smiling cleaning using detergent

The smell of bad odor from your carpet may or may not necessitate a carpet replacement. Usually, mold or pet urine can result in significantly strong odors. However, before deciding to replace your carpet, you can start by doing a thorough and deep clean, and if this eliminates the odor, you need not replace your carpet then.

Nonetheless, if this smell sticks around even after the cleaning, it may just be the time for a carpet replacement. Unfortunately, these odors don’t usually go away.

Shifting Shades:

Professional cleaner vacuum carpet

If you have noticed that the shade of your carpet is considerably lighter in one section compared to another, or that your whole carpet appears somewhat different than when you originally bought it, the carpet’s fibers have faded.

Exposure to external components such as air, sunlight, age not to mention the use of cleaning materials can alter the dye color on several carpet fibers.

Although fading alone is not necessarily a substantial reason to warrant for a carpet replacement especially if the carpet still seems to in relatively good shape.

You may decide to replace it if its color appears uneven or if you identify other issues with it.


Carpet padding on carpet

Carpet padding is of course underneath the carpet and functions as a layer which helps keep the carpet comfy.

Moreover, it may also assist with keeping rooms quiet as well as insulating the floor.

Even so, carpet padding is also susceptible to various issues which can cause your carpet to make strange crinkling noises, wrinkle, or even lie unevenly on your floor.

In such a situation, you may need to replace your carpet padding, and this is, of course, the same time you should also replace your carpet.


Carpet Aesthetics

Finally, although your carpet does not have any of these problems, over time, it may not be the same quality as you originally bought it.

If your carpet no longer fits your style or if you have one that makes you feel embarrassed around your guests, it is time you considered a replacement for your carpet.

Another occasion where you may need to replace your carpet is if you are putting your home up for sale.

At such time, having a quality, new, and clean carpet can be enticing to potential buyers and may be the reason you have eventually sell your old home either quicker or at a higher price.

If you are in Sydney, be sure to get in touch with CarpetKings for the best carpet cleaning service and carpet repair as well as carpet replacement services to get you on your way!

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