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Cleaning your home, carpets, rugs and upholstery can be a simple DIY home project. However, there are reasons you’d want to leave it to the professionals and solve one of the biggest problems when moving out.

In the following article, i’ll outline how to hire the best cleaning company and what things to look out for that make good cleaning companies great.

Know Your Service Type

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Pinpointing exactly what it is you want to achieve from hiring the service before searching for quotes is ideal. In doing this you’re not susceptible to up sells and go into the purchase with a clear mind of how you want your home, upholstery or carpets to look and feel.

You need to know the exact type of cleaning you expect your cleaning professional to provide and a realistic budget to keep in mind, just so you don’t get overcharged.


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The professionals you engage to do work on your home must and should show a proven track record of great quality work, especially in the case of hiring professional housekeepers. A good question one may ask is how am i able to prove proficiency of a business I’ve found.

To prove how good a company is at what they do, look no further than their online presence and reputation. Anything over 3.5 stars in reviews and more than 5-6 reviews from places like Productreview, Yelp, Google + and Facebook can prove to a certain degree a companies proficiency at what they do. As an example this Sydney cleaning company has an awesome online presence.

Many companies in the home services industry will also show testimonials and examples of work they’ve completed. Don’t hesitate to ask for photos, most companies will be more than happy to provide them.

Ask to speak to some of their customers. Testimonials written by customers can provide a glimpse into the customer service ethic of the company you’re likely to be dealing with.

All this and more can help you choose which companies you’d like to engage for your professional home cleaning project.

Licenses and Insurance

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Making sure the company you decide to work with is licensed and insured. Insurances protect your home, your liability and the businesses when performing work on your home.

If the business you solicit doesn’t have insurance, should something go wrong they may not be able to help with the rectification of whichever problem has occurred? This should be reason enough for you to turn the other direction and run.

Businesses with licenses and insurance not only prove that they’re professional but that they’re aware of their liability when entering your home. This isn’t the only reason you should select a company and we’ll reiterate other reasons below.

Ask the Prospective Company Their Methods

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Before deciding to go ahead with the professional cleaning company that you’re looking to take over your dreaded carpet, upholstery, house cleaning and end of lease cleaning ask them for their methods. The hows, what and why.

How do they clean, what products do they use and why. These qualifying question can provide an insight into how good a company is at what they do.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into keeping your home as presentable as possible, that’s why asking the methods of the prospective company is a good idea.

You’ll be assured knowing the company in question won’t ruin or damage your carpets, upholstery, range-hood or marble counter top.

Qualifying companies by asking them their methods is paramount to finding a great carpet, upholstery and house cleaning service.

Discuss Quotations With Your Potential Service Provider

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If you find that the companies your willing to engage fit the above criteria, it’s now time to discuss pricing, guarantees, warranties and any discounts that may be able to be accrued.

Compare pricing of four service providers that fit the criteria, use their online and social presence and pricing as a means of making your decision.

By following this easy to read step-by-step guide on how to hire the best cleaning company, hiring a great sydney cleaning company won’t be cumbersome or a chore but something you’re great at doing, helping you obtain the best value for money.,

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders is the content marketing manager at PaintMates. With extensive experience in the home and garden space. Karen researches and writes about home improvement.

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