DIY Woollen Rug Cleaning: A Guide

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A carpet or a wool rug is one of the greatest investments you can make in home décor. Wool rugs are warm underfoot, work beautifully, and are durable with whatever style of home design. It is a renewable, natural fibre, which prevents bacterial growth, wool has lanolin, which repels dust mites and stains naturally.

It can truly be amongst the best types of carpeting around. Meaning if you have one, you need to care for it properly, in order to maintain your investment.

It is important that you know what the best way to clean a woollen rug is. Look no further, because you are on the right page. This guide will tell you how exactly you should clean your woollen rug.

How Often Should You Clean A Woolen Rug?

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Regular vacuuming is the solution to maintaining the beauty of the woollen rug’s fibres. Remember, if you have a new woollen rug, it’s normal that its fibres shed don’t be alarmed. This is normal because of the nature of how the wool fibres are knitted –the rug will not lose all of its plushness.

Moreover, the main part of the shredding may happen in the first several months and will become less and less each day. When you vacuum the rug twice a week during its first months, the shedding will diminish rapidly.

You can use a nice vacuum with a beater bar to assist in lifting entrenched dirt and dust. In case your rug has some fringe on it, begin the vacuuming in the centre of the rug. You should avoid the edges.

The vacuums with fringe and beater bars do not mix well with rugs made from wool. You should use a hand-held vacuum or an upholstery attachment in cleaning the fringed edges of your Woolen rug.

Rotate the rug seasonally to avert any excessive wear patterns, as well as uneven fading from the sunlight. This will assist the rug in lasting much longer and will develop a generally even covering.

The Best Way To Clean A Woolen Rug

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Even though it is perhaps the best idea to hire a professional carpet cleaning company, you can actually remove so much of grime and grit yourself. You only need a gentle surface scrub approximately once every year.

Below are the steps on how you can clean your woollen rug, the best way possible.

Step 1

Bear in mind that wool fibres have grooves and overlaps, which may trap a lot of dust and dirt.

The first step that you should do is to get the rugs really clean. To do this, you can hang the rug outside your home and thump away all the dirt and dust using a rug beater or a broom, until all the dirt and dust comes loose.

Step 2

Take the rug back and vacuum the front and back parts. Do a minimum of 3 passes on every side, so that you can catch any excess particles, which were not removed by the first step.

It is important that you vacuum your rug regularly to remove any buildup of dust and dirt.

Step 3

Poor one cup of laundry detergent into a container of cold water. Fill one more bucket with just plain cold water.

Before you start to work, test a small area of the woollen rug for its colourfastness. You can do this by way of applying a bit of the cleaning solution to the rug. In the event that the colours do not bleed, keep ongoing.

Step 4

Beginning at one corner, sponge the cleaning solution gently onto a 2’ by 2’ section of your rug. You should dampen the rug lightly –you should not drench it or let it get excessively wet. Remember, a wet woollen rug may be too heavy and might take too long to dry.

Step 5

After applying cleaner using a sponge, put a second, clean sponge into the bucket of plain water, dabbing a section to rinse, again bearing in mind not to soak the rug. Blot the area with absorbent, dry bath towels. You’ll need a lot of these, when you’re done, keep on working across the rug in small sections, up until you have cleaned the whole rug.

Step 6

Allow the rug to dry completely before you walk on it again. If you are drying it indoors, open the windows to speed up the process. Otherwise, take the rug outside the house and hang it back on the clothesline to let it dry under the sun.

Just like anything else, prevention is better than cure. Take care and keep your woollen rug from getting stained and dirty. Consider a ‘no food or no shoe’ policy around your floor coverings.

With proper and regular maintenance, your woollen rug will look astoundingly great for so many years.

They might even be family inheritances, which might be passed down from a generation to another –of course, if they inherit your great cleaning habits!

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