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Carpetkings provide a premium, specialist carpet steam cleaning service, our qualified technicians use only the most up to date equipment and effective, yet harmless chemicals.
Carpet steam cleaning is an extremely efficient and effective method to clean new carpets and bring new life into old tired, dreary carpets. This process is also known as hot water extraction.
Because of the name, you may assume that steam cleaning only uses steam to wash your carpets-it’s solely logical. In actual fact, carpet steam cleaning combines cleansing chemicals with hot water to get rid of dirt, grime, pests and stubborn stains from your carpets. To best prepare your home for carpet steam cleaning, it’s best to move all tables, chairs and any other furniture that covers your carpets. Whilst our carpet cleaning technicians are adept at cleaning carpets, they are unable to move heavy furniture. This will help to make sure your service is as seamless as possible.


We offer specialised services for unique carpet cleaning needs making us your all-round, go-to service for professional carpet steam cleaning! To experience the wondrous workings of CarpetKings, call us up or click here for a quick and seamless booking today!

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Whilst our carpet steam cleaning technicians are adept at cleaning carpets, they are unable to move heavy furniture. This will help to make sure your service is as seamless as possible. A standard deep steam clean, on the other hand, will include the following steps:


First, our carpet steam cleaning professional will do a pre-vacuum of the area to be treated in its entirety, the technician will then spray carpet-cleaning detergent mixed with hot (though not steamy) water. When the whole carpet is covered with detergent and water our CarpetKings carpet cleaning technician uses a wet-vacuum to get rid of the remaining moisture, doing this removes any built up grime, dirt, pests and allergens that have seeped into your carpet or upholstery over time.

Stains, Allergens, Pests Removal

Most end of tenancy cleans require carpet steam cleaning. As this method of cleaning means, your carpets and upholstery will be visually cleaner than any other method. If you utilize a steam cleaner on your carpets, you’ll expect nearly pristine results. This method ought to deal effectively with most stains, dirt, allergens and pests.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is one of the more simple ways to clean your tired, dreary looking carpets. The water and detergent method allows cleansing agents to seep deep into carpet fibers and be extracted through a specialist vacuum. The spray from the water conjointly helps jostle difficult-to-remove particles loose, leaving your carpets cleaner than most other methods will allow for.

Drying Carpets

Carpet steam cleaning can leave carpets quite damp after the service has been rendered, it’s absolutely paramount for the room in which the carpets are in to have adequate ventilation. For flood damage or carpets that are extremely soiled our technicians will bring high velocity fans to help speed up the drying process, leaving your carpets in pristine condition. Also make sure not to place any furniture down until the drying process has been completed.

At CarpetKings, we pride ourselves on providing the best service every time. We’re also regularly educating our customers through our blog on the best ways to maintain their carpets after their cleaned and other helpful handy tips.