Carpet Concerns: 5 Potential Carpet Destroyers

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To think that there are certain things out there that can cause a great deal of damage to your carpets is unsettling.

This is because we invest a lot of time and effort in maintaining them and, more importantly, replacing or restoring damaged carpets does not come cheap! Unfortunately, there may be potential carpet destroyers lurking around your home that you need to be wary about.

While some of them are obvious, others are likely to surprise you; either way, it’s extremely helpful to be informed about things that can potentially damage your expensive carpets and that the appropriate measures are taken to avoid them.

So, without wasting any time, let’s look at 5 potential carpet destroyers that every homeowner must be aware about.

1. Creepy Crawlies

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The thing about insects is that they are not always visible; therefore, you don’t suspect that they are destroying your carpets from deep within the weave until the damage starts to show on the surface.

From tiny carpet beetles, to moth larvae; your carpets can be eaten up without you even realizing it.

This is because they typically find their way to hidden areas like under furniture or darker spots where there is less foot traffic.

This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to clean your carpets regularly and to give them an occasional deep clean by a professional carpet cleaner.

2. Water/Moisture

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When carpet is exposed to moisture or water, the damage can be devastating. Often times, prolonged exposure to these elements leave carpets with a 0% chance of restoration.

This is generally the case when flooding occurs and the water is not removed quickly, or the carpets have been left wet for too long.

In these cases, water weakens the carpet fibers while the combination of moisture can rot certain types of carpet materials.

What’s more, moisture alone can cause mold and mildew which, if left to grow, can stain and destroy your carpets.

This is often the case when homes or offices are left locked up for weeks or months; the lack of ventilation and humidity mixed with moisture in the air become the perfect breeding ground for mold/mildew.

Hence, if you are taking a long vacation or leaving your house locked up for a long period of time, it’s advisable to have someone trustworthy come in every other week to air out the house by opening up windows and running ceiling fans.

3. Spills

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From food and beverages, to nail polish and other cosmetic products; these common spills may not sound like “carpet destroyers”; however, if they are not attended to promptly, you can expect the worst! While some stains are easy to remove with a little club soda and a clean white rag, others demand professional attention.

The delay in cleaning up potentially carpet-damaging stains will leave you with no option but to have the carpet replaced or pay big bucks to try out a couple of stain removal treatments before one (hopefully) works. Therefore, we advise quick action and being on the alert for potential spills to keep them from happening!

4. Pets

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Young pets can do quite a bit of damage to carpeting! Apart from using it as a toilet before they are fully house trained, the real destruction lies in their playful chewing and clawing of the fibres.

No matter how many toys they may have, the joy they get out of ripping materials to shreds is right up there!

Particularly when left alone, your pets can have a field day with carpeting so you may want to take some measures to ensure that they are turned off from biting or clawing the material.

This can be done by a professional carpet technician using a pet-safe carpet treatment.

5. Harsh Sunlight

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Like many types of materials, carpets need to be protected from harsh, direct sunlight as the colours can fade significantly.

Once this happens, there’s really no going back.

The tricky part here is that you don’t realise it immediately because any ultraviolet rays coming through your windows for long hours will cause fading gradually.

So, if your home has multiple sources of direct sunlight that reaches your carpets, consider reducing the UV rays by drawing the curtains or installing UV protector films on the windows.

When the right measures are taken, not only can you protect your carpets from irreparable damage, but you can also keep them in tiptop condition for years and years to come!

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Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders

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