10 Ways To Keep Your Home Clean When You Have Pets

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Bringing a pet home is always a good thing. You get a faithful companion, a stress buster, and of course, an added family member!

But your furniture, carpet and flooring might disagree. Here are 10 ways on how you can keep your home clean when you have pets.

1. Keep Your Pet Clean:

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Your first order of business is to be responsible enough to groom your littlest family member regularly, which means keeping him or her clean at all times.

By doing this you can reduce shedding and having to deal with hair or fur getting into the carpet, furnishings, and cracks in the flooring.

Set a regular routine for baths as recommended by your vet.

Do an impromptu wash when they come home caked with mud and dirt after an outdoor romp, when they start to smell or if you or any family member have allergies.

Use shampoo specifically formulated for pets and remember to brush afterward to remove loose hair.

Remember, a clean pet won’t leave dirt, which should make things easier for you.

2. Stop Mud And Dirt At The Door:

Dog with leash waiting for walk at the door 

Believe it or not, you can stop your pet from tracking dirt and mud all over the place by having a few cleaning items at the door.

Wipe muddy paws by placing absorbent mats both outside and inside, and use a damp rag or dog towel and a spray bottle filled with clean water to mop things up as they enter the house.

3. Pay Attention To Your Pet’s Things:

Cute small striped bengal kitten sitting playing with blue toy 

Your pet’s items are sure to be dirty as they get used everyday.

Pay attention to their bedding, toys, drinking and eating bowls, and clean them as necessary.

If the items are machine washable, then you can save time, but if not, wash by hand using a mild soap and air them out to dry before you reintroduce them to your companion.

4. Eliminate Bad Odors Using Home Remedies:

Male hand light blue protective glove cleaning sofa couch

Does your pet love to leave their scent in upholstery, furniture and the sofa as a way to know everyone that they’re the boss?

The bad odor can really get on your nerves, but don’t worry as eliminating the smell is as easy as opening your cupboard.

Baking soda is an excellent deodorizing agent that works on carpets, flooring and fabric.

A homemade solution of vinegar and water can get rid of bad smells on beds, toys, and whatnot.

Use a rag or a pet wipe to quickly mop up in less than a minute. You can also get a deodorizing or disinfectant spray for good measure.

5. Dust And Vacuum Regularly:

Woman hand gloves gesture using vacuum cleaner 

We tend to associate pets with mud, waste, and the occasional vomit or hairball, but little do we know that dust also piles up with each animal we bring home.

Keep the dust devils down by remembering to dust the house regularly. You can use any item to make it easier, i.e. using a vacuum cleaner for the floor, walls and in nooks and crannies or a microfiber cloth that lifts dust and dirt.

When all else fails, a Sydney carpet cleaning expert can get the job done with a dry carpet cleaning.

6. Buy A Good Dog Or Cat Bed:

Dog bed indoors 

It’s certainly tempting to buy a dog or cat bed that has extra-fluffy lining and all that, but you’ll quickly realize how much of a pain they are to clean. You can save time and patience by opting for a less fancy bed that’s easier to clean and maintain.

Bedding should be water resistant and easy to wipe. Set a routine where you can have the bedding wiped clean of dirt and odor at least once a week. Have it aired out for a few hours to get rid of the animal smell.

7. Give Your Pet Adequate Exercise:

Portrait little girl with her beautiful dog running 

A relaxed pet is an easier one to handle. You can be sure that when they get their much-needed exercise, they won’t be as destructive and cause a huge mess each time you go out.  Depending on the type and breed, you’ll need to allow extra time for outdoor activities and physical exercise. Take your dog out for a walk at least three times a week or play with them so they can expend pent-up energy. Cats can play with squeaky toys, a laser pointer or a feather duster, or something similar. You can give them a cat tree or a ball of yarn and let them do their own thing. Afterward, you probably won’t have to worry about chewed-up pillows, scratched sofas, or claw marks on your flooring ever again.

8. Have Your Carpet Cleaned By A Professional:

Man cleaning carpet living room using vacuum cleaner  

Pet “accidents” can happen every now and then, but if you’ve no time to sort it out by vacuuming and washing it with soap and water, then hiring a professional carpet cleaner can help.

While you can learn the many ways of how to clean carpet, you can spend that time playing or bonding with your pet.

Cleaning vomit off carpets is not an easy task. CarpetKings can work on all kinds of carpet and have it fully cleaned for you quickly and in less time.

We offer flat pricing and online booking for your utmost convenience. You’ll have a clean carpet and a clean home even if you’re living with pets.

9. Control The Clutter

Cat clutter at the kitchen

Nathan Boysis from Blue Spring Cleaning a company specializing in house cleaning in Denver suggests the following

“Your pet can have a thousand toys strewn about the living room, the doorway and the kitchen, so it’s in your best interests to have several baskets or similar containers in the house for you to put the items in.”

“This way, you reduce the amount of clutter and keep the house looking clean in a visual manner.” Nathan said.

See if the toys are badly worn out, scratched or chewed out and replace with newer ones. Treat them as you would the pet items and wash and air them regularly.car

10. Brush Your Pet Often:

Cute cat combing  

Pets with long and thick coats should be brushed daily to minimize shedding and to keep their skin and fur healthy.

Invest in the appropriate brush and spend quality time with your pet- they’ll be sure to love it! It’s always best to use natural cleaning products when it comes to cleaning up after your best friend.

Moreover, you’ll have a cleaner home that’s less littered with stray fur or loose pet hair.

If you need more help with vomit on your carpets, look no further than Carpet Kings.

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders

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